In Season: Pumpkin Mousse Pie


Are you a fan of pumpkin pie? I am. When it’s good—creamy, not gelatinous, and balanced, not bland—it’s wonderful. But it can also be disappointingly boring, served with a crust that’s not worth the calories. If you haven’t found a favorite yet, I would urge you to keep looking. It seems like so many people have stories of “that one” that made them a convert.

For me, it was simply the practice of making one at home for the first time that convinced me. Even Martha says that canned pumpkin is as good as the real thing, so I assure you it had nothing to do with slow-roasting a pumpkin. But when you make the filling yourself, you get a chance to play with the spice ratio. I realized that, for me, I like to double nearly every spice on the Libby’s-can recipe (except for ginger). It’s also your chance to make sure your cinnamon, nutmeg, and so on, still have flavor—they do expire!

Still, the pumpkin pie I find myself thinking about time after time is the one Mary Rubin bakes at City Bakery in New York. It was served with a graham-cracker crust rather than a traditional pie crust, which just made so much sense to me!

So I was intrigued when Bella told me that her pumpkin pie, “that one,” is also served on a graham crust. In this case, it’s a pumpkin mousse pie—with heavy cream whipped into the filling.




If you’re still looking for the one, perhaps this is it? Find the full recipe on Ful-filled.

What desserts are tradition for you at the holidays? 

P.S. Some other ideas for sweet things to make this Thanksgiving: The easiest, most decadent pumpkin-pie alternativeHoney Graham Hassleback apples; and a suggestion to consider pulling out your waffle maker to make the best buttermilk waffles (an iron doesn’t take up any space in the oven or the on the stove and you can top a waffle with cinnamon ice cream and candied pecans, or whatever you like) for dessert.

[Photos courtesy of Bella at Ful-filled, who contributed recipes this past month. If you have a delicious seasonal recipe to share (with mouth-watering photos), I’d love to hear from you! Email me or tag me on an Instagram @AshleyMuirBruhn]

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