Bookish designs

I love it when digital gadgets are disguised as books. (Remember this MacBook case?) My parents, who live in California, were generous enough (and wanted Face Time with their grandson enough) to get me an iPad for my birthday! I absolutely love it–especially for reading during middle-the-night feeding sessions (that thankfully Hudson is slowly needing fewer of), and look forward to using it on our travels. Aron did a search and found me some beautiful cases to consider and knew I’d especially like this one (above) by Nedrelow. You can actually customize the jacket text if you like.
In the end, we went with a different bookish option, the Dodo case, made in San Francisco and–in this case, for JCrew. It doesn’t use an interior sleeve. I’ve been really happy with it so far! 
Of course, if a sleeve is your thing–and you have some cash to spare–this leather one by makr, spotted at Steven Alan, looks incredible.
(P.S. Any favorite iPad apps I should know about?)

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