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A while back, we interviewed graphic designer and art director (and friendMaia McDonald Smith about her career, asking her how she got there in the Work We Do series. I loved hearing about her path to freelance and now I’m excited to learn that she’s starting her own retail business with her mom: Bitte.

Their vision is to create a unique new shopping experience for parents focusing on beautifully designed and sustainably produced products—items made in partnership with some of Maia’s favorite artisans and toy makers (and her eye is stellar when it comes to good design).

They’ve launched a campaign to get the business up and running on, a platform that allows people to back new products and businesses.

Of course, the fun things about campaigns like these and the ones on kickstarter is that beyond supporting small business, you usually get to choose from a selection of rewards created for the campaign. I love the patterns on these little harem pants, by textile artist Keely McDonald.  (And I couldn’t help but sharing how beautiful Maia’s little girl Ingrid looks in the Ikat.)

Hope you’ll check it out!

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Have a great weekend!

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