The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy

Best Modern Lighting on Etsy

by Anna Smith of Annabode + Co.

While most people collect objects, I collect…Etsy shops!  If you’re not familiar with the site, drop whatever you’re doing and prepare to go down the interior design rabbit hole.  Etsy is my go-to not only for vintage furniture and home decor, but for everything handcrafted and, well, awesome.

And since I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit searching for the best shops and most interesting makers, I can’t wait to share my finds with you all in this new series!  This week is all about modern lighting — my absolute favorite shops and pieces that are sure to make you swoon. (Or am I the only one who gets weak in the knees when faced with brass and a bare bulb?)

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Indlights Copper Wall Light Sconce, $40.


If you need a simple, modern sconce and have a tight budget this is the place to look.  Based in San Francisco, their specialties are flush mount fixtures and wall lights.  I especially love this copper one!

DL Design Works Modern Wall Sconce, $162.

2. MOST ORIGINAL: DL Design Works

I am just counting down the days until I can use these sconces in a project!  It’s so hard to bring a fresh perspective to brass, bare-bulb lighting but DLDW has done just that.  The pieces from their New York studio are whimsical and a little outrageous, and I love them for it. (This one also has my heart.)

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Triple Seven Home Brass Lamp, $180.

3. BEST VARIETY: Triple Seven Home

Jessie from TSH has such a great sense of style, and it really shows in her work.  I have three of her lights and absolutely adore them!  The number of different fixtures and customizations she is able to make is astounding — you’re sure to find something you love here.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Park Studio LA Petaluma Chandelier, $685.


There’s something to be said for doing one thing, and doing it really well.  Park Studio LA is an excellent source if you’re looking for a modern, industrial-type chandelier in black or brass.  Their square sconces are pretty awesome, too!

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
g domm Culver Concrete Task Light, $84.

5. BEST CONCRETE: g domm

If you love the look of concrete, look no further than g domm! Greg from Salt Lake has a line of simple but beautiful sconces and lamps with bases made from typical concrete (above) as well as glass reinforced concrete, which gives the pieces a glossy finish.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Worley’s Lighting Oval Lamp in Walnut, $149.

6. BEST USE OF WOOD: Worley’s Lighting

When it comes to modern lighting, there’s nothing better than mixing brass with warm wood tones.  Shelli Worley makes the most beautiful table lamps in a range of woods, and while her Gwendolyn Sconce echoes this one by Cedar and Moss, its fabric shade is infinitely more practical.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Southern Lights TN Potency Swing Arm Lamp, $455.

7. BEST MIX OF OLD AND NEW: Southern Lights TN

Don’t let this sconce fool you — Adam Gatchel’s designs aren’t all modern, all the time.  He has a refreshing take on more traditional, “schoolhouse” style industrial lighting in addition to mid-century style fixtures — like this swing arm sconce, for instance.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Ninoshea Design Wall Sconce, $110.

8. MOST GEOMETRIC: Ninoshea Design

I love the chunky, back-to-basics feeling about these pieces, designed by Molly Ryan in LA.  Molly’s lighting would look perfectly at home in both a nursery and a living room (I’m about to pull the trigger on this guy for my own kiddo).

Affordable Modern Lighting 7
Long Made Co. Brass & Steel Industrial Lamp, $269.

9. BEST USE OF CORDS: Long Made Co.

Cords can often be unsightly, but no so with these lights!  Jamie and Carissa Long use them to their advantage, adding height and drama to each piece created in their home studio in Houston, Texas.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Rough Luck Studio Japhy Table Lamp, $390.

10. BEST MARBLE: Rough Luck Studio

Ah, marble…a touch of it and your lighting instantly gets 10x more chic.  Matthew Alford of Rough Luck Studio does it right, with marble bases on his table lamps and sconces.  I especially love the unique silhouette of the Japhy, above.

The Best Sources for Modern Lighting on Etsy
Photonic Studio UFO Pendant Light, $135.

11. MOST STYLISH: Photonic Studio

Jay Harris’ lighting is some of the most beautiful I’ve come across, AND it’s actually within the realm of affordability.  (Hopefully this post doesn’t turn him on to that fact….forget I said anything!)  I would be happy having every piece of his in my own home, and you know I’ll be using these pendants in the first kitchen I get my hands on!

Tell me, what lighting companies do you love?

Thank you, Anna!

Anna Smith wants to live in a world where good design is accessible and affordable for everyone. An interior designer based in Denver, Colorado, she creates modern homes for clients across the country through her firm Annabode + Co. When not buried in swatches and throw pillows, you can find her elbow-deep in renovations at her own fixer-upper. Find out more about working with Anna at

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