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We actually brought back a lot of furnishings from Bali–so sharing finds from there may become a recurring theme–but one of the first things we did upon moving into our new home was to install the copper light fixtures that we hand-carried back in our suitcases into our kitchen.

It was the first of the many home projects we’ve started tackling that seemed like it should be so simple–but wasn’t at all. And I wish I could tell you that we resolved it with DIY skills, but we brought in an electrician (or two).

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First, we needed to rewire the lights to attach cords that could be used to hang the lights (the lights had been wired alongside chain). We fitted new sockets and then ordered attractive fabric-wrapped black cord. And then threw it out when it couldn’t be used to bear weight.

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Then we had an electrician come in to install lightboxes or transformers where the lights would be hung. The previous fixture (shown on move-in day) had a single lightbox, with wire running along the ceiling. Many holes were drilled. And then they drilled some more once we realized that the first three weren’t evenly spaced (argh).

Next, someone came in to re-drywall and cover the holes. Then that had to be textured. And then it had to be painted (but the of course drywall guy doesn’t paint).

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And then, finally, Aron made about five trips to various grocery stores to test out different lightbulbs and try and find the best combination of light quality and energy efficiency to pair with the orange-copper. Phew!

So simple, right?

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By the way, the rest of the room is still a work in progress. I think we’re currently trying out chair/couch pairing number three or four?

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P.S. Our headboard from Bali. And my interiors board on Pinterest.

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