ABC (C is for Covet)

En route to Home Depot this past weekend, we stopped for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (they make the best Steel Cut Oatmeal) and went shopping for imaginary furniture (things we can’t afford) at the adjoining ABC Home Store. It is the most amazing place–in fact, I remember someone telling us about it and how they missed it when we still lived in Los Angeles, years ago–but the prices do tend to be a bit outrageous.


There’s an entire building of rugs, plus the main store with five or six levels, each with different themes or designer-specific rooms with light flooding in. Usually we get hung up in the section with all the tables made of split planks of tree trunks or the reproductions of French antiques, but there was a new room this time–Timothy Oulton Case Goods–that kept us longer than we intended.


Lots of rich, worn leather, with these beautiful displays of stacked suitcases and riding boots… Wood frames and the large tables are made with salvaged wood (from a distillery in Scotland and decommissioned fishing junks from Asia)… Blueprints and drafting tools and vintage flags… (Oh my.)

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