A lesson in atmosphere

We happened upon this charming food stall while in the Jardin du Luxembourg, in Paris this spring.

I was so impressed with how it all came together—all the atmosphere of the most charming bistro—and then just, poof, disappeared. You never would have known what lay behind those tightly drawn shutters. I regret not stopping for a soupe a l’oignon.

Oh, and don’t you love the universality of the scooter these days? I assume the mother with the babe in arms has another child out of the frame, but you can never be too sure.

P.S. I’m about three travelogues behind. Hoping to get Paris up any day now so that I can finish telling our Bali story and share some photos from a quick trip to New York. In the meantime: where we stayed, the bag we loved, and the truth about high chairs in Paris.

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