A birthday picnic in the park

A few favorite photos from Hudson’s first birthday party, yesterday. It turned out to be such a beautiful day in the park, beside the Hudson River with the Empire State building to one side and the Statue of Liberty to the other. I did my best to play up the Hudson theme, with Hudson Bay blanket stripes on the cake Aron and I made (that Hudson loved) and on the party hat that I decorated (that Hudson hated). And we all fell hard asleep last night–a sure sign of success.

P.S. I love that photo of my friend’s gorgeous daughter by the cake–we’ve totally tried to pin the botched frosting on her sweet little hands, but it’s all the box’s fault. (Oh, and notice the backward One? Ha!) And babies making each other cry for no reason? Also a top rate picture.

I have some more Hudson-turned-one related posts in mind for this week. Indulge me!

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