Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope it’s a great day for everyone! Will you be celebrating? What are your plans? Aron and I counted our weekend in Vegas as our celebration, but I’ve also requested we eat our weight in stinky cheese tonight. The kids won’t mind—they’ll no doubt come home with a bag full of candy. I’m about to go pick them up from school and I’m so excited to see them come out clutching those bags. I know they were thrilled to hand out cards themselves. I’ll put a photo of their cards on Instagram—you can see Skyler trying to stuff five into a bag on IG Stories.

P.S. I took this photo during a story on pairing cheese with chocolate. It has some good match-ups, if you’re interested for tonight!

Here we go (& Friday Links)

Aron and I are headed off for a kid-free weekend in Las Vegas and I can’t wait! Is it wrong that I’m especially excited for Shake Shack?! The kids have the next two Mondays off from school, so we don’t even completely miss out on family-time by going away. When we get back, we’ll make Valentines for their classes on Tuesday. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day next week?

Some last minute kids valentines to make (here’s what we did last year in the 11th hour).

And some ways to show your love for your partner with food. A good cheese board is always a last-minute hit.

Also, some other links you might enjoy….

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5 Things: Phoenix

In “5 Things,” I’ll ask locals from cities all over the world to share insider travel tips on where to eat, shop, stay, and play in their neighborhoods (plus, what to pack to make the adventure complete). This week, Rachel Whitehouse, a blogger and consultant at Maison Blanc, shows us around Phoenix, Arizona.

5 Things: Phoenix

by Rachel Whitehouse

The Valley of the Sun is home to an awesome mix of warm desert breeze, soaring palms and saguaros, majestic mountains, Hollywood-worthy pools, inspiring architecture, and contemporary art. Cool boutiques abound; the culinary landscape is impressive; and resorts serve as oases for locals and travelers alike. Phoenix is ideally suited for year-round outdoor activity (whether for nature enthusiasts or fairway lovers), or al fresco shopping with a locally-roasted coffee in hand. And if you need some pampering, we have plenty of spas!


Phoenix has grown and changed and really come into its own in the past 15 years. The city manages to maintain a cowboy charm, while welcoming a burgeoning modern, metropolitan culture-scene. There are so many lovely pockets in this city: Charming, well-established neighborhoods; up-and-coming hotspots; corridors with urban vibes; and plenty of family appeal.

And it’s especially good for food lovers and coffee connoisseurs.

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