Thinking About: Holiday traditions


What are your holiday traditions? Where do they come from?

This was something that came up a lot in conversation when I was doing the interview for the Sunset magazine article. As a young family, we are still getting to pick and choose some elements of our holiday. Which things will we keep from our childhoods? How do they mix? Are there things that our friends are doing that would make sense or be particularly fun for us?

I was recalling that, at Christmas dinner at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house, my family would hold hands and sing “Silent Night” instead of saying grace. As a very young child, I would try not to giggle. When I was 12, it felt interminable. And as a teenager, I was self-conscious about my voice and about holding hands. But, looking back, it was such a nice tradition. I have nothing but fondness for it now. And I wonder, is this something we should implement?

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Bathroom Remodel: A timeless mix


While we’re talking home tours, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Lauren’s beautiful bathroom remodel since she shared it last week. I asked her if she would mind if I shared it here and am so happy she agreed. It really stood out to me for its many personal, unique details—while still being so airy and bright. It’s unique to see such ornate touches (that mirror!) mixed in so seamlessly with a kind of minimalism—particularly in a small space like this.

Here’s a closer look…

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Home tour and Design Mom interview


Our living room looks quite different right now—filled with Christmas decorations and the occasional fire. I took these photos of our home a few months back, to share on Design Mom; they just ran, with an interview, last week!

It reminded me of the first time I’d gone through the house with a camera for a similar reason, usually with Skyler strapped to my chest. She was just a few months old! Instead of Sawyer on the floor of the living room, it was a little baby. It feels like yesterday. Look how tiny she was here!


I remember thinking, afterward, I should have asked someone else to take the photos—but then I wouldn’t have this one of her.

Besides the children and their rooms, not much has changed in the house since that first home tour—and I still wasn’t clever enough to ask someone else to come take the pictures so that Aron and I might be in one—but I’d still love to share my favorites…

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