Almond trees in bloom

Every year when the Almond orchards around Davis fill with flowers, we try to make sure to take the kids out to see them and get a few family photos. This year was the first year Aron couldn’t make it to the Capay Valley Almond blossom festival (it happened last weekend) and it just happened that it was the first year I can recall that the orchards were actually hitting their peak; so I was thrilled to learn that on Tuesday he would be home a bit early and we could all drive out to revisit some local trees together. It’s always so fun to watch the kids dart around under these blooms, talk about the buzzing bees, and know that spring is just days away.

Here are some photos from the afternoon. I can’t believe how tall Skyler has gotten!

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Something I read: “What did you fail at?”

One afternoon, a few weeks ago, I was sitting in my car—early for Hudson’t pick-up—and I heard Meghna Chakrabarti interviewing Sara Blakely on Here & Now. Blakely founded Spanx, the shapewear company, before she was 30 years old. At 45, she’s not the youngest female billionaire in America, according to Forbes.*

Blakely talked about how much rejection she faced when trying to get Spanx into stores and shared stories of cold-calling—during which she was nevertheless nervous all the time. “Courage is a muscle,” she remarked. And her examples of building that muscle were inspiring.

But the thing that has stuck with me all these weeks later was a story she shared about her father and a gift he gave her:

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Countdown to Thailand

To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, we’re returning to the site of our honeymoon—to Thailand! Ten years later, two kids in tow, it’s going to be a very different trip, but we’re excited.

It took us a while to pin down our itinerary—how much to change and how much to keep the same?

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