Easter Sunday (& Friday Links)

Do you celebrate Easter? We dyed eggs last week and the kids are looking forward to hunting for the filled-plastic variety with friends on Sunday, when we’ll have a potluck brunch. As for me, I’ve already broken into the candy stash, so my Easter started early. (Whoops!) There may be some restocking in order.

If you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration for the holiday, I’ve been saving some favorites to this Pinterest board. Also…

How to make easy-to-peel, perfect hard-boiled eggs. (Along with links to all of my favorite ways to prepare eggs.)

How to make the best buttermilk waffles.

Looking back at our Easter last year and the year before that.

And some links of note from around the web… 

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Birthday cake traditions: homemade or store-bought?

For the first few years of our son’s life, Aron was a real stickler about birthday cakes. They had to be homemade.

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San Francisco: California Academy of Sciences

Lately, our daytrips to San Francisco seem to take us beyond downtown, toward the ocean and the less crowded streets of the Outer Sunset, as well as into the green spaces of Golden Gate Park. That included, recently, a stop into the California Academy of Sciences. Hudson had asked if there were anywhere nearby to see a T-Rex skeleton.

Originally a natural history museum—it opened in the 19th century and moved to Golden Gate Park in 1916—the museum now also houses a planetarium, aquarium, and a rainforest and is a worthy (if pricey) family destination.

There’s a lot to see and the crowds are often thick, so we gleaned some tips for visiting…

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