Year of the Rabbit

 According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, our baby will be born in the Year of the Rabbit (which sounds much sweeter than Year of the Rat), and will be articulate, affectionate, and prone to over-sentimentality.
On Sunday, the annual New Year parade made its way around Chinatown, filling the streets once more with confetti and streamers.

Aron and I couldn’t resist joining the crowd in firing off some confetti rockets–though I found that some were easier to ignite than others. And Aron couldn’t resist snapping party poppers between his fingers.

Watching the dragons make their way down the colorful streets, dancing through the crowds, is always a highlight. The best ones are full of energy and seem to move synergistically with the drums.

It seemed that everyone stopped to enjoy the passing parade–chefs and kitchen workers would conveniently time their breaks to take in the scene.

I wish you could see the huge smile that broke out all over this boy’s face when he saw Aron put down the camera and return a peace sign. He loved it! (And so did we.)

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