What are you watching?


Ever since the Game of Thrones finale, Aron and I have felt a bit lost. What television shows should we be looking forward to?

First off, I would have never expected to be a fan of that show. Dynastic period piece? Okay. But Sci-fi? Fantasy? No, not usually my thing. “Oh, so she just hopped on her dragon child to get away?” That sort of thing usually drivers me crazy! But now I’m finding myself envying a friend who just started the series: part of me secretly wants to just re-watch the whole thing, too… that’s how much I came to love it!

Lately the election coverage has been too compelling (mostly in that train-wreck sense, but occasionally for incredible moments like this). Stranger than fiction, one might say. I can’t seem to turn myself away from comedic commentary by the likes of Samanta Bee, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver.

But sometimes I feel over-saturated: House of Cards—we’re catching up on the last season—actually hits too close.

We’ve got other favorites to catch up on: The Americans, Orange is the New Black, Girls, Orphan Black, the second season of Catastrophe… and, for me, some episodes of Scandal, Mindy’s Project, and Grey’s Anatomy I’ve missed… but what are you watching? New stuff? Old stuff? I wouldn’t mind some romance. Some comedy. Some Tami Taylor/Rayna James. I mean, where is Lady Grantham when you need her? But psychopaths and meth-making-teachers are sometimes okay, too.

What TV shows are you watching? What should I be?

P.S. Ben or Noel?

[Photo of Winona Ryder in Reality Bites, Universal Pictures 1994]

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