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whats in my diaper bag

Most days, at home, I can just toss a few diapers and a pack of wipes into my purse and run out the door. But we’ve been moving around Italy, diaper bag packed for two, and it’s reminding me very much of when I used to prepare for days out in New York City with Hudson: every worst case scenario accounted for. Still, I’d like to think I’ve refined my approach a bit since then. Here’s what you’ll find inside my bag these days—and some thoughts on choosing a bag.

The Bag:
You absolutely do not need to use a dedicated diaper bag. Any tote or backpack will do as long as you toss a diaper case inside. That said, after Skyler was born, I got myself a dedicated diaper bag and I sort of love it. It’s designed to handle spills, to fit on your stroller or to be work across your body, and has lots of compartments—which are awesome. I got the Duo French Stripe by Skip Hop because I thought it was pretty, but they have a new one (that zips across the top—nice!) that would be more unisex.

10 diaper bag essentials

What’s inside: 

  1. Diapers and wipes—Obviously. We usually bring the half-used wipe satchels.
  2. Teething Toys—There are usually a few tossed in, along with crayons and a book for Hudson.
  3. Bib—My favorites are these burpy bibs and, for when they’re eating solids, a wipeable roll-up one that catches all the mess.
  4. BottleTommee Tippee brand bottles are also a favorite.
  5. Thermos and Formula Dispenser—The Foogo thermoses are the best: they keep things cold or hot as needed and they don’t leak. When I think I’d like to make a bottle rather than nurse, I fill one with hot water and put a pink piece of tape on the top (so that Hudson knows it’s not the one to drink from). When you need it, it’s always easier to get cold water (or let the bottle cool). Actually, I usually fill a second thermos with cool water (sometimes milk) for Hudson. If you’re using a bottle, this formula dispenser is handy (as are these pre-portioned sticks).
  6. Sunscreen and Sunhat
  7. Hand sanitizer
  8. Puree and travel spoon—Now that Skyler is eating solids, we usually offer her something from the table. But a pouch of puree (especially apples or pears, which go well mixed in with most foods) can come in handy. A ziplock bag and a banana or avocado is often a good alternative.
  9. Snack cup—Often filled with Cheerios or Cheddar Bunnies these days. (For Hudson. And sometimes for me.)
  10. Items for me: Light scarf (simple nursing cover), Wallet, Keys, iPhone, Hair Tie, Lipstick, Sunglasses.

Other items that have made it in on occasion:

An extra onesie (with each baby, you often know if you’re likely to need one); Pacifiers; Socks; Rash Cream; and a First Aid Kit. Also, a muslin swaddle blanket (great for laying on the grass, a makeshift sunshade or nursing cover, and for keeping the chill off).

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Am I missing anything? Do you have any special items you stash in your bag when you’re on the go?

P.S. Building a Baby Registry and New Baby Essentials checklist; also What to Pack when traveling with a toddler.

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