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We’re eking out the last drops of summer in Italy, doing our best to ignore the changing light that heralds fall. It’s been quite warm here in Tuscany, and so it has been easy… until yesterday, that is—when storms came through and I bought a scarf to keep off the chill. Fortunately, it’s beautiful here no matter what the forecast.

I’m taking far too many photos (editing is going to be a tough chore when we come home) and eating just enough gelato (at least one a day, sometimes more). I’ve been posting some photos on Instagram while it’s been quiet on the blog, if you follow along there, but I’m looking forward to resuming the two new series this week: first, 5 Things, with a second travel guide to Brooklyn (this time, Brooklyn Heights); and second, The Work We Do, with a lovely friend and entrepreneur.

I hope you will check back! Ciao!

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P.S. The first two 5 Things: Travel Guides to Williamsburg and San Luis Obispo. And The Work We Do with The Wonder Jam.

[Photos taken just outside of Monticchiello di Pienza‎, at our Agriturismo]

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