Spanish Tile

A while back, Lila and Tom’s eponymous design firm–and most memorably, their beautiful home in Barcelona–was featured on Design*Sponge. Their tile floors (and tile floors in general) have occupied a piece of my imagination ever since. 

Tiles tend to be relegated to bathrooms and kitchens in favor of hardwood floors and area rugs; it’s so interesting to see them play a starring role.

I don’t think re-tiling the apartment is a realistic goal for the weekend, but I have a few other January reorganization projects in mind (things that remain unfinished from that burst of inspiration that came and went the first week of the new year). And tonight we’ll put all that board-game practice to good use, with good friends.

Have a fantastic weekend! I hope it is as productive (or unproductive) as you wish it to be!

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