Seeking the perfect summer sandals (when pregnant)

Every year, it seems, I find myself searching for the perfect summer sandals. Oddly, the pair that I seem forever trying to replace was a $16 pair from Payless! After Aron’s resuccitation efforts failed (the lovely fellow tried surgically stitching them back to life), I’ve spent untold riches in search of their equal. This year, a growing belly brings new challenges.

As my due date draws nearer and the number on the scale climbs, my feet have started killing me! None of my favorite sandals (e.g. my Salt Water Sandals

 or my gladiators) are cutting it. Here’s the goal: a non-sporty, stylish sandal that’s also comfortable enough for the demands of walking in New York (at minimum, 2-3 miles each day).

I have a pair of Dansko sandals

 that are quite nice, but they come with two caveats: they’re very tall, and they’re suede-lined. In my mind, the perfect summer sandal cannot be suede-lined. They get too dirty too easily, and they become slippery and gross when it rains (which is often during the summer). This unfortunately (and to my utter bafflement) rules out most comfortable sandals!

Naturalizer had a favorite option, though it came with a suede foot bed. Clarks

 and Born
 make some great options, though let’s be honest: most of them look like “comfort shoes.” Still, there are some non-suede-lined possibilities there.

So far I have home some faux Birkenstocks, which I’m loving for standing around (not as much for walking), especially because they slip on, and I’ve tried adding insoles to my saltwater flats. And I’ve been considering trying out Tom’s–though they aren’t actually sandals. But I may have finally found an option that meets both my style and comfort criteria (if still slightly short on arch support):Easy Spirit Remi Sandals

. They look like gladiators, go as well with a dress as with pants, are designed with comfort in mind (soft leather) but skip the suede, and they have a velcro closure that means less time trying to bend over and buckle my shoe (also key)!

Who makes your pick for best (comfy, stylish, pregnancy approved) summer sandals?

[Pictured: Easy Spirit Remi Sandals
] Update: I love them so much, I’m buying another pair. 

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