Scenes from our Fourth of July

Just a few photos from our holiday (I didn’t actually remember to take many pictures during the party, which I suppose is a good sign)…


We had friends over (about 17 adults and 10 kids) for the afternoon, in the blazing 107 degree heat. I was happy that Aron was one in charge of standing in front of the grill.


We did our best to recreate the Shack Burger, and though the results were delicious, I think we need more practice in exacting the “fake shack.”

Once it cooled down (about an hour before sunset), we walked over to Community Park to set up for fireworks. Our friend had DIY’d an American Flag drop cloth just for the occasion–isn’t that amazing?!


Having seen some amazing fireworks displays over the years, I have to say that the show in Davis remains one of the best. It’s just the right combination of wow-factor and low-fuss. Remembering sitting on the west side highway of Manhattan, melting at 9 months pregnant two years ago, after Macy’s took over the waterfront viewing area we had enjoyed so much the year prior… well this is just SO easy. And still really fantastic.

Of course it was made all the better by a certain almost-two-year old who yelled “Wow” after nearly every explosion. Wow-factor, indeed.

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