New toys

I have a new photo app and I’m loving it! It’s called Photosynth. It lets you take 360-degree collages with your smart phone and is wonderfully intuitive. And it’s free! A friend introduced me while we were up on the roof of the Met the other week and I’ve been hooked ever since. The photo above is here where they have more (particularly perfect) examples. 
Also in heavy rotation around here? Our new Flip camera. Ashley and I both wanted a simple way to take video of the baby–and of course I love new tech toys–so despite having multiple recording devices capable of video (an iphone, a Canon Powershot and a Rebel), I decided to get us a Flip UltraHD Video Camera. I tested it by holding both it and the other devices side-by-side and saying silly things while I moved between our kitchen and our nursery nook, and then outdoors. The Flip camera clearly won out–it just had better color balance and faster focusing, and it could more quickly adjust to new lighting conditions. It’s simple to use and we’re happy with its zoom and microphone, too. The only thing it couldn’t compete with was the sharpness of the dSLR, but that video has way too steep  a learning curve for it to serve any real value once our kid becomes mobile. It’s too bad the Flip is being discontinued; it’s such a great concept!

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