Milliken Creek (just the two of us)

We mentioned in our travelogue that while we were in California, we stole away for a few days for a romantic trip to the Napa Valley–just the two of us. And knowing that we’ll be saying  “just the two of us” far less in the near future, we splurged on an amazing hotel, the Milliken Creek Inn & Spa, which we booked through Mr & Mrs Smith. (Seriously, it was honeymoon-worthy.) With wine-tasting being a bit less appealing for me in my pregnant state (and having grown-up in California), we felt we could indulge ourselves and make relaxing in our hotel room one of the main activities.(It wasn’t difficult.)

After our drive around the valley, we pulled in off the Silverado Trail and checked into our place. The Inn is situated on the the banks of the Napa River and it is lovely. The room–more spacious than our apartment in New York–was gorgeous and so, so calm. There was a demi-bottle of champagne on ice and chocolate-covered strawberries on the table–waiting right next to the huge bathtub.

That afternoon (as they do every afternoon), the hotel set out a selection of cheeses and a vintner came by for a wine tasting. I would snack on the cheese while Aron would sip and report back to me on the wine–and offer thoughts about which Ports he would sample after dinner.

Perhaps even better, however, was returning to our room in the evenings to find that turn-down service meant that we walked into a dim, music-filled room, with votives lit and flickering all around.

But my favorite bit? Definitely breakfast. We filled out our requests in the evening and hung them on the door. Breakfast was brought to us in a basket–with waffles, eggs, rolls, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and coffee–wherever we wished, at the hour of our choosing the next morning! I think I understand why breakfast-in-bed gets so much hype!

We only had two days, but I actually think Aron’s eyes were brighter when we left (the poor fellow works so hard). It was the perfect “just the two of us” two days.

By the way, on baby mine this week, I posted some thoughts about traveling while pregnant.
And guess what? Our wallpaper arrived! 

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