Goodnight Irene, Goodnight

What a crazy weekend! Who knew what to expect from the hurricane, but thankfully Manhattan appears to have been mostly unscathed. I know many surrounding areas did suffer; I hope the damage beyond us is minor. 
Still, the build-up to the Irene’s arrival was wild. One minute we were making brunch plans and the next we were learning about mandatory evacuations, subway closures, and how to flush one’s toilet with bath water. Two of Aron’s hospitals were closed and evacuated and we found ourselves rushing out and standing in line to stock up on diapers, batteries, and water. 
In fact, on Friday–after spending a beautiful evening on the Hudson with friends–we split up so that Aron could make a late night run to Whole Foods for some more non-perishables. He returned with ingredients for cheese fondue (huh?), kettle corn, and made angel food cake. Apparently Whole Foods was pretty much out of fresh fruit, but fortunately a few Greenmarket vendors showed up Saturday, so we ended up bringing home tons of heirloom tomatoes, too.
After the bulk of the storm had passed, on Sunday afternoon, we walked outside and found ourselves surrounded by young girls in Hunter wellies (but no puddles in sight to splash in) and plenty of people ready to get out the house. There were a surprising number of restaurants that had re-opened (and those that had were full) along with many who had boarded or taped their windows and posted “closed” signs.
First that crazy heat wave, then an earthquake, and now a hurricane! It’s been quite a first six weeks with Hudson.

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