Gasoline Alley

Between anniversaries, mother’s day, and gorgeous weather, it was a stellar weekend. I’ll probably gather some photos to share soon. In the meantime, here are some shots of a new favorite coffee stop. We’re getting a slow start this Monday morning and thinking about starting on some of those projects that got set aside the past few days, so coffee is definitely on my mind.

Gasoline Alley serves up really delicious Intelligentsia coffee drinks and decadent, pillowy doughnuts (from Dough in Brooklyn), and the little space–on that little triangular island between Lafayette and Mulberry that borders Bleeker and Houston–always has the most beautiful light! I’ve been working my way through the pastry case during stops en route to the Mulberry Street Library. (I love taking Hudson to their weekly storytime! And even more so, now.)

It’s always good to know how close you are to a truly good espresso drink, right?

Gasoline Alley Coffee (Also right up the street from this Churro spot.)


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