Spring is in the air (& Friday Links)


The sun is out today and the trees are suddenly filling with flowers. I feel like spring is almost here—I can’t wait. I’ve lost any of the hardiness I earned on the East Coast and have become greedy for warm California days. And I’m ready to start gardening!

Aron is on call this weekend, but I’m going to try to fit in a visit out to the Capay Valley with the kids for the Almond Blossom Festival. And Scribe is having a pickup-party, so I’ll drive into Sonoma to meet up with friends. And instead of picking up my phone and gasping at the news every few hours, I’m going to try to catch up on a couple of movies before the Oscars on Sunday night. Will you be watching? Any favorites?

Here’s a few online items of note I recommend… 

Trump reviews the Best Picture nominees.

Looking for a better understanding of the migrant crisis or Syrian conflict? Perhaps an Oscar-nominated documentary will help.

This sight is just about 30 minutes away from our house. Will try to pass by it on the way to Sonoma.

Such a good idea (rather than adding a ton of mismatched plastic cups to the pantry).

Paris Swimming Pool with a long history.

Another wonderful career series. (Related: a plug for these archive posts, The Work We Do.)

Interested to check out some of this kid music. (We’ve currently got Moana on repeat.)

The way statewide support of same-sex marriage can impact teen suicide rates.

So curious about this packable hat. Has anyone tried it? (I know, I know… too many hats. But this one says it’s packable, too.)

Why facts don’t change our minds. Fascinating and horrifying. (So what do we do???)

And, click! Pre-ordered!!

But, first, I’m doing a version of the Whole30 for the first time. Let’s call is Whole24 because there weren’t 30 whole days before we leave for Thailand… whoops.

Conflict-of-interest crib sheet.

Motivational trick.

“What about the puppies?”

“I hang out with a lot of black dudes. Yeah. White people are always like what’s it like? It’s like we don’t do anything crazy. We just, like, eat and talk. Like, I don’t have to rap.” The clip of comic Neal Brennan’s standup routine that opens his interview on Fresh Air is fantastic. Really enjoyed this whole interview.

Any links to share with me? Would love to be introduced to some new sources. What are you still thinking about?


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