Capay Valley Almond Blossom Festival

Rounding out a slightly almond-themed week, some scenes from last weekend’s blossom festival…


Every last Sunday in February, the towns of Esparto, Guinda, and Rumsey hold a festival to celebrate the Almond blossom season (understandably, as it’s beautiful). We’d never been and weren’t sure quite what to expect. Each town (which are all quite small) has its own feel.





Our favorite stop was way out in Rumsey, just past Full Belly Farm where I held my birthday party last year and where you can have farm dinners under the dimming sky. It felt most like a small gathering in the country. There were almond-wood fired pizzas, a pen of lambs for a (purported) sheep-to-shawl demonstration; there was a tractor-ride and a live band, and someone had made a very cute bean-toss for the occasion!


There was a serious (unexpected) biker contingent. Hudson was fascinated and tried yelling salutations to many, mostly unsuccessfully over the loud engines.


In Guinda, our second stop en route back home, the local fire department had a long queue in front for barbecued oysters—which we skipped in favor of a chance for Hudson and some friends to ride a small horse. Hudson had burst into tears earlier when he looked in a barn in Rumsey and there were no horses, only rusty farm equipment. So this was exciting for all of us.


It was a charming,local (if very, very tiny) festival. The scene in Esparto looked much bigger and, frankly, less-appealing—so we counted ourselves lucky that we had gotten that far without much crying from the newborn in the back and decided not to press it.

In case you’re in the area next year, here’s the link. Honestly, festival or not, a drive around the Capay Valley is a pleasure. (Seriously, take a look.)

Any fun plans this weekend? I can’t wait to change those clocks!

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