Drumroll… Bali!

We’ve chosen our destination for August: Bali! We decided we wanted to take advantage of the long travel time for a long-haul flight (I’m not sure when the next time I’ll be willing to travel 24+ hours to only stay a week or so will be, so as we have the entire month of August free this might be a rare chance to travel somewhere distant), we wanted to go somewhere favorable for the dollar, and somewhere warm. We looked in the direction of S.E. Asia and found that the best weather to be had there in the month of August is in Bali (the only downside then being that it’s peak-time for travelers). We’ll be there almost 4 weeks, but I’ve been reading lots of two-week itineraries because I find that–with baby Hudson–we can do about 25-50% of what we might have otherwise done in a day. Fortunately, Bali is a small island, so we should be able to see and do a lot. And the end of our trip will overlap with the major festival of Galungan.

It is a LONG trip, but we used miles to purchase three tickets even though Hudson qualifies to be a lap infant. I’m so glad to know that he’ll have his own seat to wiggle around in.

We’re so excited! A little daunted by planning, but really excited. We hope those of you who have been will weigh in with suggestions, favorite (and not-so-favorite) stops, etc.

[Images: Rice Fields, Tanah Lot, Galungan, Tanah Lot, Gili Amben Beach, & our new book collection]

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