de Gournay and decorating

De Gournay wallcovering is this amazing, hand-painted wallcovering that features reproductions of historic prints (I think most people recognize their pattern as the one of the cover of the Domino decorating book). Unfortunately, it’s also amazingly expensive: panels start at around $700. Ouch.
A while back, however, we noticed that the Anthropologie in the Chelsea Market had started carrying some gorgeous wallpapers, and there’s a pattern that looks right out of a de Gournay room. It’s called Vanatu Twilight online (but is by Cole & Son and had a name of Hummingbirds on the roll in-store), and–while still pricey–is a lot less at $198.
Rumor has it (gossip per Apartment Therapy–and I’m guessing a press release that’s making the rounds) that Anthropologie is launching a new Decorator Concept Shop this month: certain stores will highlight home decorating. No doubt they’ll have more beautiful things to covet. 
Have a lovely weekend!

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