Crowd-sourcing: travel questions

[Walking through rice fields in Bali last August (Hudson 13 months)]

Many of you have written in the past, either in comments or directly by email, to ask for travel advice–particularly on the topic of traveling with children. I have a big favor to ask: would you mind sharing more of those questions? I would be so grateful if, in the comment section here, you’d tell me all about your biggest travel questions, your concerns or hesitations (and particularly on that topic of traveling with children). Are there topics you wish I would discuss–or that you’ve found yourself Googling lately? I would so love to hear!

Thank you in advance! I promise to share more about why I’m asking (and to try and cover these topics) soon. Of course, if you have an answer to someone’s question, by all means jump in there, too.

In the meantime, here are a couple of travel-tips posts you might have missed: Flying with a Baby or Toddler and What to pack: travel gear for a toddler.

And P.S. Any time you have something you wish you could find or see here, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks again!

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