Children’s bedrooms: From Toddler to Big-Kid Bed

We’ve been dragging our heels when it comes to transitioning Skyler from a toddler bed to a twin, but I think it may be time. She piles in the stuffed friends and the pillows and, well, it’s getting a little crowded in there.

The simple Ikea Sniglar crib has served us well. You can see what it looked like as an infant crib in this home tour, and what it looked like before we converted it to the toddler bed in this home tour.

This is her current set up…

The room is very small, and there are really only a couple of walls against which the bed could go. I’d prefer not to place it directly under the window, which makes me think that it should go against the same wall as it’s on currently—the question being whether to center it or wedge it into the corner. Either way, the shelves will likely have to move (too risky) and the storage unit will need to shift over into the place where the chair currently resides.

Besides those considerations, there are these: A lofted bed might make sense for efficiency, but seeing as she occasionally winds up on the floor, I’m not exactly eager to raise her mattress higher. And I like the current mix of white and light, natural wood that is in the room now. So I’m restricting my search to beds that fit that bill.

Ikea remains a great option. It’s hard to beat the price and the flexibility of the designs. There’s the Sniglar twin bed (same line as her crib/toddler bed) and the very popular Ikea Kura Bed, which can be used as a lofted bed down the road. I love all of the creative ways I’ve seen people use this frame (above).

(And look at all of the cute decals sold for it, in this Etsy shop!)

A daybed is a strong contender. I really like how it would mirror the current setup, only with a twin mattress. (This lovely room was designed by Emily Henderson.)

In fact, I’ve been close to buying this one from World Market a couple of times, but there’s a lot of furniture moving that has to happen first.

Here are a few other good ones: from Anthropologie, Serena & Lily, cane from CB2 (my favorite, but the price), and Article. Note to self: check that the mattresses are standard twin, or I’ll have a heck of a time sourcing sheets.

(Upholstery seems too risky to me, but this is a nice looking daybed option.)

There are quite a few possibiliteis out there in simple white. (Love that giant Gathre Map)

Finally, I’ve always been a fan of the Oeuf line of beds. I hear they’re of wonderful quality! This is the River twin.

In a similar vein, there’s the Paxson bed from Crate & Barrel Kids, or the gorgeous Divan Twin from Kalon.

What do you think? Am I overlooking any options? Do you see a better alternative setup for the room? 

P.S. Themed Kids’ Rooms (A Do or Don’t?) and more Home & Design inspiration. Oh, and Skyler and her lovies, age two.

[Lead image/source unknown]


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