Book fetishism?

{Hikari no Kuni}
I was recently turned on to this wonderful online collection of  graphic design–mostly book covers and interiors, but all kinds of designs from around the world. It’s called Journey Round My Skull and the tag line calls it an “unhealthy book fetishism from a reader, collector, and amateur historian of forgotten literature.” It’s like a treasure trove of all these beautiful, hard-to-find and, generally, old book designs from around the world! I could easily spend an evening poking around here.

 {Li Yong Sheng, Snowflakes, Fireworks, Badge of Honor; and Tresky Plesky by Miroslav Florian, illus. Zdenek Sedyl, 1972}

Most of the time, the posts have a theme. I was particularly drawn to many of the French children’s books from the 30s and 40s. (Mais, oui!) I think the red fish that grows up and decides to travel across the blue sea and the black sea the red sea (where no one can see him) is my favorite at the moment. Just the sweetest…

And how lovely are these?
{1946, Luce et Pierre Morel, Glo-Glo le poisson rouge; 1937, illus. by Lalande for L’Oeuf Magique; 1932, illus. by Andre Helle for Les Histoires de Patachou by Tristan Dereme; and 1935, illus. by Ruda for Le Royaume des Abeilles} 

(All images sourced from Journey Round My Skull)

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