Bitters Sweet

I love bitters. A recent afternoon at the Rusty Knot served as confirmation.
Ashley and I recently stopped off at the west-side spot (carefully designed to resemble a dive bar) for some drinks and pretzel dogs. Ashley said she had read about their piña colada and thought I might like it. She ordered one of her favorites, a Dark and Stormy, while I set aside my prejudices and tried the piña coloda. It’s rare for me to order such fruity drink–any rum drink is rare for me these days, actually–and I was even more apprehensive when I saw the glass.
But she was right. The bitters transformed this potentially average, too-fruity froth into something dark, rich, and wonderful. The experience has inspired me to explore more uses for bitters–and maybe even make up a batch of my own. Anyone ever tried making bitters?

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