Beautiful creatures (and some Friday links)

A while back, Aron posted a few of Bryant Austin’s incredible photos of whales along with the New York Times story about his exhibition, where Austin displayed some life-sized images of the magnificent mammals. (One 30 feet wide!) I wish we could have seen the photographs in person, but Austin has just had them published in a book, Beautiful Whale

. I came home to find it on our table last week and just continue to be amazed by the beauty and scale of these creatures, with their features so closely captured underwater.


I love this relationship saga so much! (And I know what it’s like when you’re seduced by that particular younger, sexier model.)

Are you watching Nashville? I’m hooked. My girlfriend and I text each other excitedly when there’s a new episode, but never more than after seeing this sweet scene.

Pure Green Magazine, a gorgeous new quarterly that you may have seen in print at shops like Anthropologie, just released an iPad edition and their fifth volume is on one of my favorite topics, Wanderlust.

I had no idea about the Daffodil Project, despite having admired them all so much last spring. Lovely idea, New York.

This Op-Ed about the tax code and working parents led to a lively debate—and no matter where you stand, I think it’s an interesting one.

We loved this hotel‘s restaurant, The Blue Duck Tavern, when we were last in D.C.—now I want to stay there.

Brilliant idea for a picnic bag!

Remember my haircut photo? I should pick one out for Hudson, too! I cut his hair for now, but I’m really a one-note song.

Did you check out BRIKA yet? (Just a reminder: They’re giving $15 to new members and offering free shipping on orders over $50 through the weekend.)

Finally, Luvocracy did a little interview with me last week in honor of upcoming Earth day, if you’d like to check it out!

[Photos of whales: Bryant Austin; photo of installation Austin’s studio, Studio Cosmos. Incredible, right?]

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