Bathroom Remodel: A timeless mix


While we’re talking home tours, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Lauren’s beautiful bathroom remodel since she shared it last week. I asked her if she would mind if I shared it here and am so happy she agreed. It really stood out to me for its many personal, unique details—while still being so airy and bright. It’s unique to see such ornate touches (that mirror!) mixed in so seamlessly with a kind of minimalism—particularly in a small space like this.

Here’s a closer look…



Lauren goes into great detail about the remodel on her site, so be sure to check there to see the before shots (prepare to be surprised). She describes the process—which took two months, start to finish—as beginning with moodboards on Pinterest: “This helped me visualize what I really liked about these spaces, and when I saw themes begin to form, I started to search for each element. For instance, I noticed how much I liked the way globe sconces looked next to more ornate mirrors and seemed to balance each other out. I also noticed that I tended to like bathrooms that didn’t have all matching elements—some mixture of metals looked good, which I didn’t expect!”

I love the details on the brass towel bars and rings, which Lauren sourced from Anthropologie.



“I wanted it to be airy and eclectic—a relaxing, clean, and bright space with just enough visual interest. I chose a mix of old and new, hoping for a look that isn’t tied to fads—we just want to do this renovation once!”

Lauren picked up an ornate mirror at an antique store, and chose timeless Moroccan tiles for the floor. “Also, I wanted something that would hide the dirt in-between cleanings because our boys will be using this room every day. A pattern hides the dirt so well!” She went with lantern-shaped mosaic tiles for the walls to compliment the floor.

They kept their old cast-iron tub, and had it resurfaced to look brand new. We’ve done this once before as well, and it can be a great alternative to putting in completely new fixtures.




Those beautiful sconces are from an Etsy shop—Illuminate Vintage.




I really love the mix of tiles. It somehow manages to feel fresh, modern and traditional all at the same time.

How do you describe your ideal style?

Thank you again, Lauren! And congratulations on the beautiful new space! You might remember her from a previous post about her outfit series, Dress that Mama

P.S. Minimal-Bohemian inspiration and our bathroom plans. Also, more posts about home and design.

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