Bar Veloce

Bar Veloce, that slim little wine bar that screens Fellini films over small plates on Second Avenue is not so slim anymore. And the newly expanded space is now open daily at 8 a.m. I spotted the new breakfast menu a couple of days ago and, intrigued, convinced Aron to sneak out and meet me for lunch there this week.

The menu was full of nice little, tasty combinations: strawberries with mascarpone and pine nuts, tomato marmalade with powdered olive oil, ricotta with pepper and honey, smoked salmon with mascarpone and caviar, and the always tasty pairing of Nutella and bananas in a panini. Everything was so pretty!

It’s funny… the last time we stopped in was just after a weekend with friends, who had visited with a baby. We decided to head out for one of those “we don’t have a baby” nights: a late movie followed by glasses of champagne and Amaro. I didn’t think we’d ever be back with Hudson. Glad to know that breakfast could help us return.

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