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The Polls are open in California today, and it brought up a memory: Do you recall being tested in school as to the three eligibility requirements for someone to be elected president? I do—because I got one wrong. When I was in elementary school, I wrote down that one of the requirements was to be a man.

No matter what anyone’s politics are, or whom anyone is voting for, I think it’s really exciting that we might see a woman on the general election ballot. And maybe even in office. To have come this far—since women were given the right to vote in 1920, is incredible.

I hope Skyler and Hudson will never make the same mistake I did.

P.S. There is a terrific article in The Guardian about Pete Souza’s years as the White House Photographer. I found this particularly moving: “[Souza] captures a child’s-eye view of the president. We only see Obama’s hand caressing Clark’s face. Unlike the ones in all paintings and photographs of all previous presidents, it is not a white hand. How can anyone say that means nothing?”

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