Happy Birthday, Aron!

It’s this fella’s birthday today, so he’s taking the day off and we’re going to drive out to the coast to celebrate.

Happy birthday, Aron! You were beautiful then, and you’re beautiful now—inside and out. We love you!

P.S. Super-dad Aron on his birthday a few years back.

Raise your glass (& Friday Links)

We’re celebrating birthdays this weekend—Aron’s and, today, his mom’s! I wish we could all beam ourselves to this bar to celebrate. Isn’t it the most beautiful space? It’s Le Coucou, in New York City, and Bon Appetit describes the vibe as “candle wax dripping from long tapers onto the table, chefs wearing toques without a hint of irony, and plush banquettes that you’ll sink into like they’re a bed of pillows.” It was no surprise to me to learn the designers are Roman and Williams. Their restaurant designs are always incredible!

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope it’s a good one!

Some links of note… 

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How the Scandinavians stay dry: A rain gear roundup

One of the (many) things I took away from our trip to Scandinavia was the value of really hard-working, but still good-looking rain gear. They have it dialed in!

Each country seemed to have its own national brand, its own fashionable take on this particular piece of outerwear. There was no sacrificing style, and yet style alone wouldn’t make the cut—it must actually keep you dry, without the aid of an umbrella.

Here were the names I quickly learned…

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