Snow Days (& Friday Links)


It’s been a rainy week—which is great news for the snowpack in the Sierras! Hudson asks me if it means the drought is over, and the answer is of course “not yet.” But it’s encouraging to see all that white! Here’s what it would actually take to end the drought in California.

How was your first week of the New Year? Ours was busy, but very exciting! Our home and family is going to be featured in Sunset Magazine next December and they shot the feature this week. (I can’t believe we have to wait so long to see it!)

Sidenote: When I was in college, I was paired with an editor at the magazine and had some mentoring phone calls. I remember thinking it sounded like a wonderful place to work: At the time they were based on their seven-acre campus with a ranch-style building designed by Cliff May. And people who worked there never seemed to leave because they loved the culture so much. The crew who was at our house would be an indication of why: everyone was so friendly and jovial. The kids had the best day. I was a little embarrassed when our precocious 4-year-old had everyone singing Do-Re-Mi with him over lunch, but they humored him so kindly! It’s going to be such an honor to see the story one day.

Here’s a photo of the kids with the photographer. And some other items of note… 

I took these photos of the Truckee River on our way back from Idaho, a few weeks ago.

Did you catch Aretha’s performance of “Natural Woman” at the Kennedy Center? Amazing.

And speaking of viral videos, Jack at Buzz Feed collected 30 videos of cats from 2015 that Hudson and I quite enjoyed. Our favorite, however, was this guy.

An interesting look at the $500 Million Disney Princess industry and how Mattel lost its hold to Hasbro (via Design Mom)

I loved the new Star Wars. (Did you see it?) These photos of Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford filming the first one are so fun.

We had our bookclub for All the Light We Cannot See last night, and I wished I could have talked about the book even more. I loved it!

(Next we’re reading Modern Romance, and then When Breath became Air—which sounds sad and beautiful. Any new suggestions?)

Our brains on baby. “Becoming a parent looks—at least in the brain—a lot like falling in love.”

The prologue to Status Update on This American Life is a fascinating (if somewhat scary) look at teenagers and Instagram.

What have you been reading/watching lately?

Have a great weekend!


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