Blood Oranges

While we were traveling in Costa Rica, we encountered lots of beautiful hardwood products. But it was hard to know whether these were examples of a sustainable practice or whether they were part of the reason the rainforests are in jeopardy. When we saw this bowl and saw that it was certified as sustainable, having been made from felled wood, I didn’t think we could pass it up.
This weekend, we made a blood orange salad so that we could use our new bowl. We also wanted to use an unusual cheese–which was a family-favorite growing up, and an Ashley-favorite as soon as she tasted it. Cougar Gold is made in Washington and then (unusually) canned, which helps preserve its rich, buttery, cheddary goodness much longer than it would be otherwise. Technically, oranges are a winter fruit, but there still seems something spring-like about citrus; and we need all the earmarks of seasonal transition we can get! So we opened a bottle of summery Rosé from and made a beautiful citrus salad on this icky-rainy night.

*P.S.–We’re playing around with a larger image size for the main page. Hope you like it!

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