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We’ve been pinching ourselves over here a lot lately. There’s been something big in the works and, after signing the closing papers this weekend, I feel like I can finally share it: our family bought a cabin! With my parents, Aron and I found a place in Lake Tahoe where we hope to make memories for years and years to come.

They tell you not to let yourself get emotionally attached to a place before it’s yours, but it’s been hard not to. I would find myself thinking about all of the possible traditions we could establish and the ritual summer vacations we could spend there, our kids no doubt recounting them fondly whenever they pulled out a jigsaw puzzle or jumped into a cold lake as adults.

We took the kids to see it for the first time on Saturday morning and it was pretty amazing just to watch them dart around the trees, looking under pinecones, and making snowballs. Aron and I measured and made floor plans and then drove back home to sign the papers. The next morning we got up early and went to the Alameda Flea—excited by the prospect of finding something special for the cabin to make it feel like our home.

Actually, we’re hoping to move fairly quickly on the furnishing and decorating—we plan to rent it out this summer whenever we’re not there—so hopefully I’ll have more pictures and updates to share soon!

Update: Here’s the listing on AirBnB. More photos on IG at #twopinesTahoe

P.S. A winter edition of 5 Things: Lake Tahoe, and three other Tahoe travel posts: a kid-free weekend in the shoulder season, a pre-baby getaway, and a weekend with friends.

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