Succulents and swimming pools (& Friday Links)

I’ve had this pool pinned for years. I keep thinking we need to take out the grasses by the side of our pool and put in some succulents like these, but I need to do a bit more research on how large they can get. Some of our neighbors’ aloes are absolutely enormous! So until I figure it out, I’m just going to try and feel the warmth emanating from this picture. I miss summer.

Apparently this is photographer Philip Dixon’s Moroccan-inspired home in Venice, California—or at least it was. He bought it back in 1975 and, at some point, it was listed for $13 million. I love all the open space and stone.

We gave this book about dry gardens as a gift recently, and I just borrowed it back. I’ve decided that Ruth Bancroft’s garden in Walnut Creek might be the place we need to go for that research. Has anyone been?

Hope you have some fun plans for the long weekend! We’re headed for the snow, but I’ll also be closely following the news out of nearby Oroville, where so many residents have been displaced. I’m hoping for everyone’s safety.

Some links of note…  

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Two nights in Vegas

For two people who don’t gamble, it’s funny how much Aron and I have come to love a quick getaway to Las Vegas. It’s just a 90-minute flight from Sacramento, but it’s a bit like a trip back in time—we get to visit lots of our restaurants from years spent in Los Angeles and New York, and we get to revisit that pre-kid life a bit, too (all the while knowing that our kids are plenty happy to get extra time with grandparents). We tend to keep to a fairly similar itinerary on most visits, but we discovered a few new things on this trip…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope it’s a great day for everyone! Will you be celebrating? What are your plans? Aron and I counted our weekend in Vegas as our celebration, but I’ve also requested we eat our weight in stinky cheese tonight. The kids won’t mind—they’ll no doubt come home with a bag full of candy. I’m about to go pick them up from school and I’m so excited to see them come out clutching those bags. I know they were thrilled to hand out cards themselves. I’ll put a photo of their cards on Instagram—you can see Skyler trying to stuff five into a bag on IG Stories.

P.S. I took this photo during a story on pairing cheese with chocolate. It has some good match-ups, if you’re interested for tonight!

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