Stretching (& Friday Links)

Somehow this week turned out to be full of stretches—the good kind. I felt like I was back in school, trying new things every day. On Monday, I went to my third ceramics class and brought home my first fired object. On Tuesday, I drove up to the cabin and went skiing by myself. On Thursday, I tried my first Barre class—which also happened to be my first exercise class of any kind since Skyler was born. And today I got literally stretched at a Spa-Day-Birthday-Party. Of course, it all took a small village—comprised of grandparents, teachers, Aron, afterschool playgroup, and our babysitter—and I appreciated all of it!

Has anyone done a Barre class before? Everywhere hurt the next morning, but I’m excited to go back tomorrow.  It kind of reminded me of the Tracey Anderson routine I watched on Oprah so many years ago! (Does anyone else remember this?) If I keep doing it, will I have arms like Gwyneth? Please tell me yes.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Here are some links of note if a little internet browsing is in the cards…

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Make Thrift Mend. The art of Sashiko.

An interesting conversation about tomorrow—International Women’s Day, and the A Day Without a Woman strike—emerged in the comments on Friday’s post. I had shared my fear that the strike will have the same divisive effect—by class and race—that derailed first-wave feminism and it led to a really provocative conversation. Here’s the thing: it’s not the exact protest I would have chosen, and I continue to worry about losing momentum from the Women’s March, but the motivations behind the strike—in particular gender inequality in the realm of parental leave policies and women’s health access—are some of the causes I feel most passionate about.

As someone who doesn’t work in an office, I find it interesting to think about what would be required for my day to really be a day without a woman: No school for my children. No childcare. Aron would need to take the day off. Even arriving at that necessary conclusion might be eye-opening in some households. (As it likely was during the Women’s March on Washington.) And so while I think it’s worthwhile to continue to discuss what actions are the most impactful and inclusive, I will nonetheless be supporting the strike tomorrow as best I can. Here are some of the ways suggested. 

All of this is a long tangent to say that the Grab Your Wallet aspect of the strike—where one refrains from making any purchases for the day—reminded me of a mending class I took last year…

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Weekend Plans (& Friday Links)

Can you believe it’s March already? I went to turn the calendar page in Hudson’s room—still on December—and couldn’t believe it when I had to flip three pages ahead. I’m not complaining though!

Thank you for the comments on this post last week—I’ve so enjoyed them. Aron told me that, inspired by one, he was sharing with the kids something brave he’d done and told them about a bladder surgery. Afterward, with wide eyes, Hudson asked if he’d shrunken himself down to get inside. We’ve been smiling about it ever since.

What will you be doing this weekend? We’re hoping to get in some gardening before the rain starts and then play a game of Settler’s with friends on Saturday night. We also have a sitter for Sunday evening, with the goal of dinner and a movie. I’ve got some summer-camp planning to do, and I need to start thinking about packing etc. for Thailand. But in the meantime, some links of note…

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